Remarkable Restaurant Names Part 2

In the first RRN post, I posted photos of some of the quirky and fun names of restaurants I spotted in San Diego, California and mentioned that Halifax, Nova Scotia is right up there with San Diego in terms of memorable restaurant names.

Well folks, I’ve dug up pictures from my last stay in Nova Scotia and the words ‘businesses that serve food’ are more accurate to describe what I saw. The make-me-smile names belong to food trucks, cafés as well as restaurants and bars.

The one picture I didn’t take is of a bar called My Apartment. I wish I had. Imagine meeting someone and asking them if they would like to go back to ‘My Apartment’ to continue talking! The fun you can have with words.

If you’re reading this in Halifax, and My Apartment is still in business, send me a picture and I’ll post it.

Here are photos of creatively names places to grab a bite in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are: The Daily Grind (coffee shop), Alfredo, Weinstein and Ho ( a multicultural buffet) and Bud the Spud French-fry food truck.



2 thoughts on “Remarkable Restaurant Names Part 2

  1. Mary-Anne Armstrong

    Hi Silvia,
    Great blog. I’m very impressed. I love all the book reviews, and look forward to reading more in the future. I would not have eaten at the Gastropub either. It reminds me of the unfortunate restaurant in the newer part of Pointe Claire Plaza that happens to have its sign right under the Gastroenterology Clinic sign. Location, location and accidental association.


    1. Sil Post author

      Thanks for reading my blog! If you feel brave enough taking a picture of the restaurant you mention in your comments, I’ll post it! Maybe other readers can think of similar signs.



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