Staying Healthy

FluSeasonAhead_LrgeImageTwenty-fifteen couldn’t have come any sooner.  Our usual festive season was curtailed by the flu. Here’s two takes on the 2014 flu: Twelve year-old boy gets the flu on the first night of Christmas break. Muscle aches, fever, vomiting; the works. Less than 36 hours later, his head is in the fridge scarfing down whatever he can get his hands on. He says he’s “starving” and will “die” if he doesn’t eat “right now.”  It was 11:30 at night. Flu, what flu? Forty-six year-old man gets the flu and is down for the count for a full eight days. It hurts to move. The forty-something year-old woman who cared for them both crosses her fingers and hopes she’s spared. Couldn’t have said good-bye to 2014 fast enough. Hello 2015!


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